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Hello Everyone!
We have some news to share regarding the Hound Hoot N Nanny. We have made the decision to cancel the Hound Hoot N Nanny this year. We do not feel we would be able to ensure a 100% safe environment for you and our volunteers.
2020 has been a tough year for everyone and we have also not been immune to the struggles.
With the cancellation of our 25 year anniversary dinner that was originally scheduled for April then June, the cancellation of pet shows and now of course our Hoot N Nanny. We will miss seeing all of you and of course all of the hounds!
We hope you understand this decision was not made easily however we do stand firm that it was the right decision to make.

This being said we also can not deny that we are way behind when it comes to funds this year. We really really on both our annual dinner and the hoot n nanny to cover all of the expenses to operate day by day. We are still seeing the same medical needs today that we see every other year.
Our 2 fundraisers generally bring us around 30K in donations to help the hounds.
We will be working on putting together some online auctions and live events between now and the normal date for the Hoot N Nanny of Sept 12th. So be sure to watch the facebook page for those details.

We are so grateful that we have a few supporters who have stepped up to help with offering a dollar for dollar match of $7500.00 we could not be more blessed then to have these folks step up to help us in this time.
Beginning today every dollar you donate will be matched up to $7500.00 that means we will be able to raise $15,000.00
Just think if only 750 people on this page each donated just $10.00 we would be able to raise the funds that we have missed out on due to the cancellation of our events.

We understand that everyone is facing challenges in these unique times and we do not want anyone to put themselves in a situation that is just not feasible for them. If you are able to donate thank you in advance. For those that may not be in a situation to do so we completely understand and we still thank you for your support.

Donations can be made on our website at the link below.

We hope everyone understands and we hope that next year we will be able to see everyone again in person in April for a "Take 2" of our 25 year anniversary dinner

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